jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

True Brit

We are very pleased to meet you. If you are a visitor to our blog, we expect you to go through all the sections and find out how to be a true British. We are going to show you the unspoilt beauty of British landscape; the rich variety of its weather and the British cherished traditions: afternoon tea at four, roast beef on Sunday, and warm beer until 11 pm and, of course, their courtesy, tolerance and sense of humour. You mustn't forget that. They do like a good laugh.

Have a look on the images above and learn about the British personality.

Introduction to Modal verbs

Before starting with the grammatical explanations, watch the following video and try to deduce some of the modal verbs that appear in it.

Listen to the next on line explanations

Can, could and to be able to

More on line explanations

Must, Have to, Have got to

Grammar activities

Ejercicios de inglésYou  smoke in here.
Ejercicios de inglésYou  stop to let the other cars pass.
Ejercicios de inglés You  pay to visit the museum.
Ejercicios de inglés You  wear a suit and tie on Fridays.
Ejercicios de inglés You  use your mobile phone in the concert hall.
Ejercicios de inglés You  give way at the round about.
Ejercicios de inglés You  drive faster than 90 km/hour.
Ejercicios de inglés You  walk to the beach. You can cycle.
Ejercicios de inglésYou  stop when the traffic lights are red.

Fill in the gap activites

1.  You  run faster if you weren't so lazy.
2.  You  leave the class before 1 o'clock.
3.  You  behave well in front of guests. Stop being silly.
4.  You look tired. You  have some sleep.
5.  You failed in your final test. You  have studied harder.
6.   I borrow your pen?
7.  We  watch TV so much.
8.  We  not climb those mountains when we were kids.
9.  The project  finish in two years time.
10.  Stop smoking! You really  not smoke.
11.  Sami  lift that heavy table. He is too weak.
12.  Muneera  come to the party, but nobody is sure.
13.  Laila  not swim when she was one year old.
14.  It's too cold. I  close the window.
15.  It  rain in the desert sometimes, but you can't depend on it.
16.  If I had enough money, I  travel with my friends but now I can't.
17.  I  to study well for the exam.
18.  I wish I  buy a new car but i do not have any money.
19.  I have no time. I  leave now. My parents are waiting for me.
20.  He  be friendly, but he is usually unfriendly.

Writing exercise

Look  at these images and write a short composition about one of them. You must use modal verbs and the dictionaries provided in this blog. Once you have finished, sent us your work to the following email adress: alfami2011@gmail.com.